Mentality framework

To enhance the ruthless and resilient qualities of players, they are encouraged to utilise a mentality framework. This refers to the idea of having a structured way of considering your mental approach to the game. This can help to improve their performance and overall well-being.

A mentality framework also provides a structure for players to develop their mental skills, such as focus, motivation and self-regulation. It also helps players to understand and manage their emotions, which can be especially important in high-pressure situations, which often occur in football.

Additionally, a mentality framework can help to create a positive team culture by promoting communication and teamwork. A shared mentality framework means players can work together to maintain their focus on the pitch.

NWSF’s mentality framework is:


2 describing words and a hero that represents being at your best


Negative obtrusive thoughts that occur as you play/train


Physical & mental reminders to break NOTs and stay in your A-Game

The following videos outline the development of a mentality framework. Coaches are encouraged to work through each step in the mentality framework systematically, noting the tips below each video.



  • After viewing the video, take some time to reflect on the words and hero you have selected. Ensure they are meaningful and relevant to you
  • If you are struggling with this, you may like to share your ‘perfect game’ with a friend or coach. As you describe the game, you or the listener may recognise certain key words you use. This could become your A-Game.
  • Take your time to ensure your A-Game is meaningful and relevant before progressing to the next video.