To create effective environments, people should be aware of how the key words can ‘come to life’. 

The key words can support clubs in creating effective environments. A successful NWSF environment will support the development of people by providing facilities, services and support across all DNA qualities. This helps develop holistic players and well-rounded people.

The stronger the environment of the NWSF club, the more likely the player will progress to Spirit FC & national team programs.

The following pages provide insight for how different elements can be introduced in an NWSF environment. It should be noted that all of these elements in some way link to the overall development of the DNA.

A holistic approach

To facilitate environments that develop the DNA, people need to ‘turn words in action’.

Accordingly, the football environment needs to be designed in a way that players can develop the DNA qualities in a holistic way. Additionally, coaches and staff should appreciate the need for an integrated, inclusive approach to development.

A holistic approach to developing DNA qualities also ensures that as players progress non-linearly through the pathway, they have the ability to succeed at whatever ‘their highest level’ may be. It also means if they exist the football pathway, they still have a ‘DNA’ that enables them to succeed in other parts of their lives.