Players should regularly watch and engage with video of their own and other football matches in order to further develop their understanding of the game.


Filming matches in your own environment is an excellent way to develop players. It is recommended you aim to film from an elevated position where possible to enable a ‘birds eye view’ of the game. This allows players and coaches to accurately observe and assess positioning on the field, which is particularly important to fully develop your understanding of zone rules & positional cues.

The equipment required to film is a tripod and a camera. Alternatively, it is possible and recommended to film using your phone camera, as in many modern phones the picture quality is sufficient. When filming, try to keep the ball in the centre of the screen.

Many parents are keen to watch video and support their children, so it may be possible to ask for a volunteer to support this process.

Alternatively, clubs may invest in portable camera technologies that provide automatic ball tracking, such as VEO.

At Christie Park, filming of matches is completed using a permanent camera system called Usportfor. This camera is elevated 10m in the air and provides birds eye view of both Field 1 and 2. It can also film static views of either half for training or small-sided game purposes.

Scheduled NWSF games at Christie Park are filmed and provided to the clubs following the fixture.


Once you have filmed the game, it is recommended to share the video with the people in your environment. This can be achieved using video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Clubs with facilities available may also like to integrate video analysis sessions into their weekly training. This is a key part of the training process in the advanced programs of the talent pathway.