Warm ups & injury prevention

An athletic player should complete a warm up, incorporating injury prevention exercises, prior to each training session and match.

NWSF recommends the implementation of Football Australia’s Perform+ injury prevention program. This is a simple series of exercises that can be implemented before, after or in addition to training which have been shown by research to reduce the risk of injuries. You can access the Perform+ resources, which includes variations for different ages, abilities and environments, by clicking this link.

The below is provided as a guide for an effective warm up that can be effectively implemented by NWSF clubs.

Dynamic stretches


Start in a seated position with hips rotated in front at 90 degrees. Rotate your hips externally.

Hamstring release

Lie on your back with one leg extended in the air. Bend at the knee.

World’s Greatest Stretch

Start with one leg extended in frot at 90 degrees, and the other extended behind. Rest the inside arm on the ground, and rotate the other underneath your bent knee and up to the sky.

Dynamic movements

These exercises can be completed in addition to the Perform+ as part of a warm up for training or matchday.

Hip in

Jog, while lifting your knee and rotating your hip inwards. Alternate between legs.

Hip out

Jog, while lifting your knee and rotating your hip outwards. Alternate between legs.


Jog, while reaching down and ‘sweeping’ the ground.

Straight leg kicks

Jog, while extending your leg in front in a kicking motion.

Across body kicks

Jog, while extending your leg across the body in a kicking motion.


Alternating legs, bend one leg down to the ground.

Cool down

Pigeon stretch

With one leg extended, bend the other underneath your body so it sits at 90 degrees.