The NWSF DNA is a framework that brings to life the mission of the association & representative clubs, which is to ‘foster and develop the game of football in Sydney’s North-west‘.

This DNA underpins all aspects of our pathways, from grassroots, talent, performance and social football, alongside our coach education.

The common goal of the DNA Framework is to develop…

High-quality players/people who have the technical and decision-making ability to play at their highest level in football and in life.

We believe that high-quality people develop as a result of their environment and their experiences playing the game.

The people and their unique attributes are at the heart of the NWSF DNA

These unique attributes are supported & developed through the environment

These attributes enable all of us to enjoy and play the game

To develop players who enjoy football, progress through the pathway and keep playing sport, NWSF identify six key characteristics of high-quality people in football. 

These are the things we believe can make highly effective footballers at all levels of the game. We also believe that all people involved in football should strive to develop these qualities in themselves and others.


People who understand the game and link this to the skills needed to perform


People who have highly effective & adaptive skills and decision-making under pressure


People who are consistently available and prepared for the various demands of football and life


People with a strong work ethic who consistently strive to develop themselves and teammates


People who are humble and can adapt to challenges & setbacks in order to perform


People who are committed to their environments and the people within them

These six key words represent the NWSF DNA.
It reflects not only who we are, but who we want to become.

To develop the NWSF DNA, we have developed a series of resources, including training programs, clubs and coaches can utilise. These will help facilitate environments that can develop the six key words and the development of football skills.

NWSF DNA training programs

These are free training programs coaches can utilise to develop the NWSF DNA in their environment. Click the links to download the program as a PDF.

As with the DNA itself, these programs are always growing and evolving, and NWSF actively welcomes feedback to help us improve the quality of what we offer.

Our local clubs