Coaching behaviours

Just as players have core actions they should aim to repeat in the game, so too should coaches have consistent behaviours to help them support learning and development, and manage the behaviour of players.

There are a wide variety of coaching behaviours that coaches are encouraged to adopt. Many of these are consistent regardless of the age, ability and experience of the players, as NWSF believes the primary role of the coach is to facilitate positive environments and experiences.

Watch the videos below to learn more about coaching behaviours you can develop. You can click on the titles to minimise each video once you have viewed it.

Preparing the session

Giving feedback

In training
In games

Asking questions

Use cold calling
Give time to think
Use challenges to support


Giving clear instructions
Giving positive instructions

In the session…

Frame it
Anticipate errors

Managing behaviour

Young people
Gathering in a horseshoe