The player development and experience model can equally be applied for NWSF coaches.

Coaches should be aware of the role they play to shape positive environments, and how they can facilitate supportive experiences for players in the game.

Coaches are the foundation of talent development. They skilfully observe and develop players on their journey through the pathway.

Coaches should consider how they integrate and facilitate the development of the six key words within their environment. These words, and how the coach ‘brings them to life’ in their environment, is key to success.

As an example, a coach can develop skilful qualities in players by improving their football knowledge through coaching courses. They may also help make players more athletic by incorporating warm up exercises into their training.

To support the development of coaches, clubs should appoint specialist people to support and mentor their coaches. This includes a Director of Coaching (DOC). A full role description of the DOC can be found by clicking the button below.

Legacy 23 clubs will also appoint a Female Coaching Coordinator to specifically support female coaches in their environments. A role description of the FCC can be found by clicking below.