Analysis & reflection


Clubs are encouraged to integrate analysis into their environment wherever possible. This can be achieved, for example, by using a tactics whiteboard and ‘Shapers’, which are magnetic whiteboard markers that illustrate positioning on the field while also demonstrating body positioning.

NWS Spirit coaches utilising shapers and whiteboard

Use of these whiteboards positively support the delivery of tactical and technical information in a visual way.

It is also possible to purchase specific whiteboards that align to the NWSF game model, including the specific zone system. Click the link below to learn more and purchase some for your club.


Clubs looking to extend their analysis are encouraged to consider the range of online softwares available for this purpose. The most commonly used is ‘Hudl’, a video analysis tool which allows coaches and players to clip, comment and share their analysis.

An example of a Hudl analysis playlist

Reflection journals

Reflection journals can also be a powerful way to develop analysis skills and improve ‘smart’ qualities in players. This can be done digitally using free software such as Google Forms, or in hard copy form using notebooks.

NWS Spirit teams, for example, integrate reflection journals into the player development process. Players are encouraged to document their thoughts following training and games as a way of extending their knowledge and understanding. These are periodically reviewed by coaches & parents.

An example of a player’s individual development plan. This can be handwritten like above or could be displayed in an electronic format.