At the heart of the DNA is the person. The people should always be at the centre of decision-making, and central in the environment.

Key words

To develop players who enjoy the sport and can progress through the pathway, NWSF started with the mission & vision, to then identify six common traits of world class players. These traits also reflect the unique social and cultural demographics of the North West region. These are the key words.

These are the characteristics we believe can make highly effective players at all levels of the game. We also believe they are the characteristics of high achieving and happy people.

These DNA qualities are not seen as separate or discrete, but rather, as intimately connected. 

Additionally, people are not expected to be ‘elite’ in all qualities. Instead, the qualities should be developed as appropriate to each individual and their progression through pathways. 

Ultimately, the coming together of the six key words is also what NWSF considers makes a great team.


People who understand the game and link this to the skills needed to perform


People who have highly effective & adaptive skills and decision-making under pressure


People who are consistently available and prepared for the various demands of football and life


People with a strong work ethic who consistently strive to develop themselves and teammates


People who are humble and can adapt to challenges & setbacks in order to perform


People who are committed to their environments and the people within them