All Saints Hunters Hill

A six week program to support female football

Session 1

Coaching points


  • 20 balls
  • 4 sets of 7 bibs
  • 30 cones
  • 4 goals preferably 7v7 goals or 9v9 goals

1. Glue dribbling

Start & organisation

  • All players inside marked area with a ball
  • On coaches call, players dribble around area with a ball
  • Encourage players to use both feet & different parts of feet:
    • Inside of foot
    • Outside of foot
    • Dominant foot
    • Non dominant foot
    • Anything


  • Glue dribble
    • Encourage players to avoid opponents while dribbling (scan constantly)
  • Glue dribble plus do long touches when in space
    • Then do long touches change in pace
  • Practice skill moves (pull back, pull and push behind foot, step over)
  • Encourage players to complete their favourite skill moves

2. Half in/half out

Start & organisation

  • Half of group inside marked area with a ball, other half spread evenly on outside
  • Players on inside pass to outside player and receive a return pass with open body, before finding another free player
  • Swap inside & outside player roles every 2 minutes


  • When receiving pass from outside, must touch forward with the ball into space
  • Players on outside must play passes one-touch
  • After passing to a player on the outside, another player must receive

3. Medium sized game

Start & organisation

  • Even numbered teams with two medium sized goals (approximately 5v5 or 7v7 size goals)
  • Play with normal rules (throw-ins, offsides)
  • If more than 14 players make 2 fields of 4v4 or 5v5ish


  • Link in core actions from previous exercises