2v2 waves

Start & organisation

  • Divide group into two teams and position as shown on a narrow field
  • Start with two attackers vs two defenders
  • If you dont’ have goals or a goalkeeper, you can modify the scoring system to be dribbling over the end line
  • If a goal is scored or the ball goes out, the game continues with a new pair bringing the next ball ‘in’, with one pair staying ‘on’ and now defending
  • The ‘waves’ continue as coach stops the practice

Timings: 20-45 minutes
Pitch area: Long field
Other rules: Offside rule applies

  • Encourage attackers to try and beat the defender 1v1 (this will create more coaching opportunities for the first defender)
  • Can progress to 3v3

What to look for

  • Are the defenders moving towards the ball and closing the space for the attacker?
  • Is the defender furthest away from the ball in a position where they can support the first defender?
  • Can the second defender become the first defender if the latter is beaten?

What the coach can do

  • Demonstrate how and where the second defender should be positioned
  • Ask players questions about how close they should get to the defender