Desperation defending!

Start & organisation

  • Split group into two teams
  • One player from one team runs with the ball towards goal. Once they cross a pre-set line, a player from the other team try to chase them down and stop them scoring
  • Swap team roles as appropriate

Timings: 10-15 minutes
Pitch area: Large rectangle
Number of players: 6-16 players
Other rules: No dangerous tackles!


  • Progress to 2v2
  • Make the pre-set line closer or further away (to decrease/increase the challenge for the recovering defender/s)

What to look for

  • Are the defenders doing everything they can to get back and stop the goal?
  • Are they getting into a position between the ball and the goal where they can stop the shot?

What the coach can do

  • Be encouraging and get excited when players do great blocks/last-ditch tackles
  • Encourage the attackers to move the ball quickly to make it more challenging for the recovering player