Endzone game

Start & organisation

  • 2 even numbered teams inside an area marked with end zones
  • Score by passing into the marked endzone
  • Players cannot stay in the endzone and must receive a forward pass by running forward into the endzone
  • If more than 14 players, create two fields

Timings: 30-45 minutes
Pitch area: Large rectangle
Other rules: Offside rule applies

  • Make the area bigger or smaller
  • Only allow teams to score if the killer pass is 1-touch

What to look for

  • Are the players moving off the ball to run forward into the end zone?
  • Is the player on the ball striking the ball with the inside of their foot?

What the coach can do

  • Encourage teams to pass forward when a teammate makes a forward run
  • Constrain teams to play a certain number of passes before they can score

Here, you’ll see an example of coaching on the run using core actions to positively reinforce desired behaviours.