Fast finishing

Start & organisation

  • Divide group into pairs and set up as shown
  • One pair starts the game with a ball, attacking 2v2 against an opposition pair
  • When the ball is ‘dead’ or shot, then two new pairs start the next game

Timings: 20-30 minutes
Pitch size: Large square
Number of players: Minimum 10, up to 20
Other rules: Offside rule applies


  • Make the area bigger or smaller
  • Change the starting positions of pairs (e.g. start from the side) to create different angles of attack
  • Make any goal scored 1-touch worth double (to encourage poacher moments)

What to look for

  • Are players getting free off the ball where they can finish in front of the goal (ideally 1-touch)?
  • Are players making runs to attack the ball when a teammate shoots, in case the goalkeeper drops the ball/parries the save?
  • Are players scanning constantly to see where their teammate and space is?

What the coach can do

  • Reward players who try to pass to free players who can score 1-touch
  • Verbally encourage players to ‘attack the goal’ and constantly think ‘poacher’!