Feed to finish

Start & organisation

  • Start with players organised in marked area as shown
  • Yellow midfielder feeds into front three, with two joining to create a 5v5
  • Yellow tries to score in big goal. If blue wins the ball they try and score in smaller goals
  • Rotate the two feeding midfielders; you may like to keep your front three and back four/6 in their positions (or can rotate these as well)

Timings: 20-40 minutes
Number of players: 12-20 players
Pitch area: Double penalty box length, ~50m width
Other rules: Offside rule applies


  • Put a time limit on the yellows to score
  • Add or subtract the number of players on either team
  • Change the starting formation of either team

What to look for

  • Are the attackers getting free, or making runs to get other players free?
  • Is the 9 getting free to receive a pass behind the defence, or dropping to receive a pass to feet?
  • Are the wingers trying to get in behind their direct opponent, or are they dropping to receive a pass for a 1v1?
  • Are the midfielders scanning constantly with and without the ball to be able to play killer passes between defenders and/or keep the ball?

What the coach can do

  • Provide positional cues to the front three and midfielders
  • Walk-through movements & patterns for attacking combinations
  • Encourage players to be creative, take players on and try and get behind the defenders