Glue dribbling

Start & organisation

  • All players inside marked area with a ball
  • On coaches call, players dribble around area with a ball
  • Encourage players to use both feet & different parts of feet:
    • Inside of foot
    • Outside of foot
    • Dominant foot
    • Non dominant foot
    • Anything

Timings: 5-10 minutes

Pitch size: Large square

Number of players: 4-16

Other rules: N/A


  • Encourage players to complete their favourite skill moves
  • Less skilled players can practice on outside of area so they have more space

What to look for

  • Are players keeping the ball close to their body and in control?
  • Are players scanning constantly to see the ball & see the players around them?
  • Are players using the inside of their foot as the dominant habit?

What the coach can do

  • Verbally encourage players with on the run coaching
  • Individually challenge players by setting player-specific tasks

In the video below, you can see how the coach can set challenges for the players by freezing the session and using core actions.