Keep your ball

Start & organisation

  • Every player starts with a ball except for one nominated ‘defender’
  • On coaches call, the defender tries to tackle players with the ball
  • If players lose their ball, they become a defender as well. Last player left with a ball wins the game
  • Reset and start the game again

Timings: 10-15 minutes
Pitch area: Large rectangle (or square)
Other rules: Consider safety rules based on age


  • Make the field bigger or smaller
  • Change to pass & move, where the defender wins the ball by intercepting & the last player to touch the ball becomes a defender as well (a pair wins the game)

What to look for

  • Are the defenders closing the ball and space?
  • Are they trying to delay the attackers and win the ball?

What the coach can do

  • Praise and encourage those who are keeping the ball, so the defenders try to win the ball
  • Demonstrate ways of tackling the ball safely