Large sided game

Start & organisation

  • Play 11v11 if numbers allow; alternatively 7v7 or 9v9 games well
  • If uneven numbers you may use a neutral player or have a rotating substitute
  • Play with normal rules (throw-ins, offsides)

Timings: 30-60 minutes
Pitch area: Based on availability, from full field to half field
Other rules: Play realistically including throw-ins, goal-kicks, corners etc. Offside rule applies


  • Make the game competitive by keeping score and setting a time limit
  • Reward teams with bonus points for desired actions & tasks
  • Make the pitch smaller or bigger

What to look for

  • Is the team moving into 5 lanes in attack, and 3 lanes & 1 block when defending?
  • Are the individuals doing the core actions when attacking and defending?
  • What positional cues can help the players with when/where to do core actions?

What the coach can do

  • Observe and assess the player learning
  • Coach on the run using mantras
  • Freeze & demonstrate positional cues to individuals and the team