Line game

Start & organisation

  • Divide group into two teams and position as shown
  • You may need to set up multiple grids
  • One team starts by dribbling the ball in, creating a 3v3
  • Score by dribbling over the opposition end line. If the defenders win the ball they immediately try to dribble over their end line
  • After each ‘turn’’, the players go off and a new group starts a new 3v3

Timings: 20-30 minutes
Pitch area: 30m x 15m rectangle
Other rules: Offside rule applies


  • Give bonus points if the defending team can win the ball in the wide lane (as marked)
  • Progress to 4v4

What to look for

  • Is the first defender closing the ball and space?
  • Is the second defender covering behind the first defender?
  • Is the third defender providing balance and staying compact?
  • Do all defenders have their body open to see the ball & see the opponent?

What the coach can do

  • Demonstrate the movement & positioning of the first, second and third defenders
  • Encourage players to move quickly into defensive positions
  • Give additional cues to players by linking to defender-specific positional cues