Midfield rondo

Start & organisation

  • 4-6 players on the outside of the marked area and 2-3 players inside the marked area
  • You may need to set up multiple grids
  • Position one of your midfielders inside the central square
  • Players on the outside keep the ball and try to find the midfielder as often as possible
  • Players on the inside (defenders) trying to win it back
  • If players on the inside win the ball, then the player who gave the ball away (and the player to their right) go in the middle. The midfielder stays until you rotate

Timings: 15-20 minutes
Pitch area: 20m x 20m square (inside square ~5m x 5m)
Other rules: N/A


  • Encourage the midfielder to play 1 or 2 touch
  • Keep the defenders ‘in’ again if the opposition successfully plays through the middle

What to look for

  • Is the midfielder getting free in a line of pass?
  • Is the midfielder moving off the ball to get free?
  • Is the midfielder receiving the ball where they can turn and find a free teammate?

What the coach can do

  • Demonstrate body position and angles to receive the ball
  • Give cues to the midfielder about when to move off the ball