Pass and move

Start & organisation

  • All players inside marked area, half with a ball
  • On coaches call, players pass the ball to a teammate & move to receive a new ball. Coaches should also encourage‚Ķ
    • Short passes
    • Longer passes
    • Bounce passes
    • Third man passes

Timings: 10-15 minutes
Pitch size: Large square
Number of players: 4-16
Other rules: N/A


  • Make the area bigger or smaller
  • Challenge the players to do different types of passes

What to look for

  • Are players using the inside of their foot as the dominant habit?
  • Are players keeping the ball close to their body and in control?
  • Are players scanning to find a free player to pass the ball to?

What the coach can do

  • Demonstrate ways of receiving and striking the ball
  • Set challenges for individuals to receive & pass in different ways