Penalty box game

Start & organisation

  • Even numbered teams with two medium sized goals (approximately 7v7 or 9v9 size goals)
  • Each team has a wide player on either side who cannot be pressured, and try to deliver crosses into the box constantly

Timings: 30-60 minutes
Pitch area: Wide rectangle
Other rules: Offside rule applies, include a penalty box for goalkeepers as required

  • Goals worth double if scored from a 1-touch finish
  • Make area bigger or smaller

What to look for

  • Are the attacking players getting free from their defenders when the ball is delivered into the box?
  • Are the defending players keeping their body open so they can see both the ball and their nearest opponent?
  • Are the attacking players moving towards the ball when it arrives in a box?
  • Are the defending players putting their body between the ball and the goal?

What the coach can do

  • Verbally encourage & praise players who ‘poach’ or stop the poacher
  • Encourage a variety of different crosses from the wide players