Physical literacy games

The Physial Literacy framework was developed by Sport Australia as a holistic approach to learning. This also supports the National Health and Physical Education curriculum, which recognises that …

all children have the potential to be competent, confident, motivated, and knowledgeable in movement, physical activity, and sport

Sport Australia

The Physical Literacy framework consists of four domains:

Physical skills and
The attitudes and
emotions that
motivate you to be
The social skills to be
active with others
The knowledge and
understanding of how,
why and when you

This is designed as a way for practitioners to consider the ways in which they can design games that develop all aspects of young people’s movement and object manipulation skills.

Accordingly, there are a variety of games that have been developed and adapted from Sport Australia and Football Australia’s resources included in the various NWSF training programs. This is intended to help support the development of the various physical literacy domains, which align into the six key words of the NWSF DNA.