Start & organisation

  • 4-6 players on the outside of the marked area and 2-3 players inside the marked area
  • Players on the outside (attackers) trying to keep the ball
  • Players on the inside (defenders) trying to win it back
  • If players on the inside win the ball, then the player who gave the ball away (and the player to their right) go in the middle

Timings: 10-20 minutes
Pitch area: Small square
Other rules: N/A


  • Introduce limits on the number of touches by outside players
  • If defenders players win the ball, they must pass between themselves to ‘get out’ of defending (when this happens, the attackers can try to win the ball back to stop the pass)

What to look for

  • Are the attackers using the inside of the foot to pass and control the ball?
  • Are the attackers off the ball moving into a line of pass to get free to receive the ball?
  • Are the defenders closing the space so the attackers cannot play through them?
  • Are the defenders closing the ball to delay the opponent from having time and space on the ball?

What the coach can do

  • Drive the speed of passing to increase the realism of the practice
  • Encourage and motivate the defenders to win the ball back quickly