Running with the ball game

Start & organisation

  • Divide group into two teams and position as shown
  • On coaches call, one player runs with the ball, scoring by dribbling over opposition end line
  • As soon as they score, a player from the opposite team begins dribbling, looking to score in the opposite goal. The previous attacker now becomes the defender and tries to win the ball
  • Ensure there is good flow so players get lots of repetition

Timings: 20-30 minutes
Pitch size: Long rectangle
Number of players: 4-16
Other rules: N/A


  • Players must take a long touch at the start of their dribble
  • Players score by dribbling through line goals (marked orange on diagram)
  • Can progress to 2v2

What to look for

  • Are players using the inside of their foot to control the ball?
  • Are players scanning constantly to see where the defender is?
  • Are players varying the length of their touch based on where the defender is?

What the coach can do

  • Give encouragement to players on the run to drive with the ball into space
  • Use constraints to limit certain players to a specific number of touches to support their individual development

Here, you’ll find an example of how the coach can intervene to set player tasks using core actions.