Warm Up

An athletic player should complete a warm up, incorporating injury prevention exercises, prior to each training session and match.

The below is provided as a guide for an effective warm up that can be effectively implemented by NWSF clubs.


Harrop curls (1 set of 5 repetitions)
Adductor short level hold (1 set of 20 second holds, either side)


90/90 to shin box (1 set of 5 repetitions, either side)
Adductor rocker (1 set of 12 repetitions)
World’s Greatest Stretch (1 set of 4 repetitions, either side)

Grime (over 10m, with quality)

Hamstring sweeps
Rolling arabesque & quadricep stretch
Lateral lunge to base

Grime (over 20m, with quality)

Ankle skips
Continuous bounds